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Taksim Square

Taksim Square is a popular one among the squares in Turkey and this area is famous for its hotels, restaurants, and many shops. The square is located in the European part of the city and also in the heart of Istanbul in other words. Moreover, The Monument of The Republic is here. This monument was built by Pietro Canonica who is an Italian sculptor, painter, and composer. That place was inaugurated in 1928.

Besides, Taksim Square has some historical and social importance all over Turkey. In earlier, the square was quiet and silent. However, as of 1960s, it hosted many political incidents, meetings, and some violent demonstrations at those times.

It is not much possible to define Taksim as a district in Istanbul. Taksim is more like a square and many buildings surrounding it. We can say that Taksim is identified with this square.

Molton Hotels are very near to the Taksim Square. They are located few Metro Stations away from Taksim Square. There are many other facilities which are walking distance from the square such as Flowered Bazaar, Galata Tower, Pera Museum, Pera District, Nevizade Restaurants, Istiklal Street, Asmali Mescit, Old Tunnel, Bosphorus, Ortakoy Square and several restaurants and bars.