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Shopping in Nisantasi Istanbul

Are you looking for shopping in Nisantasi?

Nisantasi is one of Istanbul's most wealthy neighborhoods, and also this place is quite a well known cornerstone of Istanbul in terms of shopping and fashion. Everyone goes to Nisantasi for a certain reason. That reason may be fashion or entertainment or something like that.

There are very few places where you can see a reflection of Europe. Istanbul is one of them. With its intellectual inhabitants, some historical buildings, and marginal cafes and restaurants, Nisantasi reflects European style very well, either. It is well known for bars, restaurants, brand boutiques with high standard, luxurious spas and gyms. You will definitely enjoy by spending your time in these kinds of places.

Four avenues forms Nisantasi mainly: Rumeli Avenue, Tesvikiye Avenue, Valikonagi Avenue, and Abdi İpekci Avenue. Abdi İpekci Street is regarded as the center and the heart of the neighborhood. It has so many boutiques and cafes and you had better not only see those cafes but eat in them. Tesvikiye Street which is located on the other side includes more traditional products and it is mostly possible to see Turkish labels there.

We have made a list of some shopping malls. We hope these suggestions will be helpful for you before and while you do shopping in Nisantasi:


- What kind of store is it (category) ?

- Which products does this place sell ?

- The names of brands being sold in the store.

- If any, the price range.

1. Aida Bergsen

Aida Bergsen is a jeweler which you can find many precious jewels. This place sells some interesting products called Medusa, Wings, Darkside, Flora, Lace, Sculptures, and Wearable Sculptures.

Address: Abdi İpekçi Street, Atiye Avenue Ak Apartment, Number:7 D:8 Tesvikiye, Istanbul, Turkey

2. Alexander McQueen

The name of the place comes from an English fashion designer, Lee Alexander McQueen.

There are several types of products sold here, for both men and women, like shoes, bags, accessories, jewels, sunglasses, ties and scarves.

In this store, you can find a bag which costs averagely 200 euro. Ties' costs change between 100 and 150 euro. There are also some products which cost over 1.000 euro.

Address: Abdi Ipekci Street, Number: 21, Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey

3. Barbara Bui

Barbara Bui is a very popular store all over the world and it has many branches in some cities like Milano, New York, Beirut, Beverly Hills.

This store sells different kinds of products such as jackets, skirts, dresses, pants, shoes, bags, accessories. All the products are for women.

There is not any certain price range stated.

Address: Harbiye Avenue, Mim Kemal Öke Street, Number: 35-1 Nisantasi, St. Regis, Istanbul, Turkey

4. Beymen

Beymen is quite popular in Turkey. Its other branches in Istanbul are located in Etiler, Florya, Bakırköy, Erenköy, Istinye, Zincirlikuyu, Acıbadem. There also the other stores of Beymen in the other cities of Turkey.

In Beymen, you can find accessories, bags, jackets, shoes, skirts, shirts, jeans, pants, shorts, suits, t-shirts.

The price range is variable. Some brands like Mackintosh are very expensive but the other brands may look reasonable. You can see the prices in detail on the website.

Address: Abdi Ipekci Street, Number: 23/1 - Nisantasi

5. Bogner

Bogner is a store selling sport requisites. Some examples of these sports are golf, skiing, kayaking.

It is open between 10.00 a.m and 7.00 p.m on six days of the week. On Sundays, the store is closed.

Only three types of credit cards - Amex, Mastercard, Visa - are accepted for payment.

Address: Bostan Street, Number: 5 Nisantasi

6. BrandRoom

In BrandRoom, you can find many products for men, women, and also kids. From ladies' dress materials, there are some vintage brands such as Michael Kors, Versace, Les Copains, Alberta Ferretti. In men's clothing, you can see the brands like Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ted Baker, Calvin Klein. All the other brands can be learnt from the website.

Address: Abdi Ipekci Street, Polat Palace, Number: 63, Macka/Istanbul

7. Burberry

Burberry is a very popular brand created by Thomas Burberry in 1800s. Today, it has so many branches all over the world, also in Nisantasi/Istanbul.

In this store, there are several types of products like wallets, scarves, coats, bags, for both men and women. The qualification of this brand is indisputably good.

Address: Abdi Ipekci Street, Park Apartment., 34367 Nisantasi/Istanbul

8. Cartier

Cartier offers you accessories, fragrances, watches, jewels.

Besides these products existing, you have an opportunity to create your own product according to your preferences. This product of yours may be made from even diamonds.

Address: Abdi Ipekci Street, Deniz Apartment, Number: 20, Nisantasi/Istanbul

9. D&R

D&R is one of the biggest bookstores in Turkey. But there is a diversity. In addition to books, it sells electronic devices, music albums, films, game consoles, toys, stationery.

The prices depends upon how extensive the products is.

Address: Valikonagi Street, Engin Apartment, Number: 44, 34365 Nisantasi/Istanbul

10. Dockers

This is a store including many types of shoes and boots. You can find several products made from leather. As a matter of fact, most products are made from it.

There are some other products sold here, such as hats, gloves, belts.

Address: City’s Shopping Center, Floor: 3 Nisantasi

11. Dolce&Gabbana

It is a brand established in Milano/Italy in 1985.

There are lots of products like watches, jewels, fragrances, suits, dresses, skin care products. Dolce&Gabbana has products for not only women but also men and children.

You can find most of these products in the branch of Nisantasi.

Address: Tesvikiye Street, Number: 162, Nisantasi, Sisli

12. Düğme

In this store, you can find lurid rag dolls. They can be blonde, brunette, red, colored-eyed, curly, plump, and pretty.

Especially children love these dolls and wish them to be in their rooms whether they play with these rag dolls or not.

Address: Osman Seden Street, Number: 14/A Tesvikiye, Istanbul

13. Emporio Armani

It is named after Giorgio Armani and this store has a lot of branches throughout the world. Armani includes products like bags, accessories, watches, fragrances, shoes, coats, jackets, skirts, and so on. However, in Turkey it is well known for fragrances and watches. In Nisantasi, you can see them definitely.

Address: Teşvikiye Avenue, Maçka Street, Number: 37, Macka Palace, Tesvikiye, Sisli, Istanbul

14. Ev+

This is a local store and you can find houseware here. To decorate your room, there are so many useful materials for kitchen, bathroom, and  the other parts of home.

Address: Akkavak Street, Ihlamur Road, Albayrak Apartment, Number: 9/3 Nisantasi/Istanbul

15. Fenix

Fenix as a name comes from a mythological bird, Phoenix. Müge Çizgekanat who is a Turkish designer created this store giving this name in Nisantasi.

Fenix has some jewels and accessories which are very magnificent.

Address: Abdi Ipekci Street, Deniz Apartment, Number:20 D:4, Nisantasi/Istanbul

16. Godiva

Godiva includes a type of delicious product, chocolate. If you love eating chocolate, you must certainly try it out.

Address: Abdi Ipekci Street, Ünsal Apartment, Number: 6 / 8 B, 4371 Nisantasi / Istanbul

17. Hugo Boss

This stunning brand contains many products such as bags, shoes, watches, fragrances, dresses, suits, etc. They are all good looking and you will adore them.

In your spare time, you can go there and enjoy good time.

Address: Abdi Ipekci Street, Number: 23/3 Nisantasi

18. Ink and Paper

As you understand from its name, this store sells paper stuff. Some of them are napkins, candles, invitation cards for weddings. If you have a plan to arrange a birthday or an anniversary, you can come to this store.

Address: Prof. Dr. Orhan Ersek Street, Kristal Palace, Number:17 D:6, Nisantasi/Istanbul

19. Mabel

Just like Godiva, this store includes delicious chocolate products. Besides this, there are kinds of dragees here.

Address: Valikonagi Street, Number: 32/1 Nisantasi/Istanbul

20. Mango

In Mango, there are both men and women clothing. There is a big diversity of products. Because you can find numerous products like dresses, jackets, skirts, shirts, shoes, accessories, coats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, ties, and so on.

Most of Turkish people prefer doing shopping in this store because of its popularity and reasonable prices.

Address: Vali Konagi Street, Veziroglu Apartment, Number: 30 D:1 Nisantasi, Sisli, Istanbul

21. Prada

This is an Italian trademark created by Mario Prada.

You can find many products such as hats, bags, shoes, accessories in this store.

Address: Abdi Ipekci Street, Number: 30 Nisantasi, Sisli, Istanbul

22. The Bahar Pastanesi

This place offers you delicious cakes, pastries and also you can have breakfast in the morning. It is famous for particularly its cakes.

Address: Tesvikiye Avenue, Tesvikiye Fırın Street, Number: 1, Sisli

23. Victoria's Secret

You know this name very well. This is a fashion brand which is quite famous all over the world.

You can find and buy some cosmetic products and underwear.

Address: Tesvikiye Street, City's Nisantasi Shopping Center, Number: 162, Tesvikiye/Istanbul

24. Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a French brand which offers you skin care and cosmetic products. Usually, there are products for women and even organic products can be found here.

You will definitely find what you search for in this store.

Address: Tesvikiye Street, Sayın Apartment, Nisantasi/Istanbul

25. Zara

Zara is very famous in Turkey as it is in the world. Lots of products are sold here. Some examples of them are shoes, jeans, jackets, blazers, shirts, trousers, suits, dresses. There are products for men and women, also kids.

Address: Teşvikiye Street, Number: 41 Nisantasi, Sisli, Istanbul