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10 Things To Do In Istanbul

1-Take Cruise Tour on Bosporus.

2-Buy a Turkish traditional muffin which is “simit” from street sellers.

3-Enjoy the outdoor concert at Harbiye Acik Hava.

4-Taste fish and bread at Haliç or Karakoy.

5-Walking at the Galata Part of Istanbul and visit the retro boutiques around.

6-Visit most historical Grand Covered Bazaar.

7-Wise up to many different type of spices also what was as medicine people use in the past them at the Egyptian Bazaar.

8-Order Turkish traditional coffee at Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi.

9-Invite to watch sunset at the Asian part of Istanbul in Uskudar.

10-Make shopping on Istiklal Avenue which is most famous walking, shopping and entertainment district of Istanbul.